3 million dollar products liability and personal injury judgment. This tragic case was result of an unsafe and improperly designed recycling machine. The defective machine would clog with water and debris, and an individual had his hand sucked into the machine as he tried to clear out a clog. The individual tragically lost all the fingers on his left hand. We obtained a $2,500,000.00 judgment for this individual as well as payment of workers compensation benefits. His wife was awarded $500,000.00 for the loss of comfort and assistance she experienced following her husband’s injury.

2.75 million dollar settlement for an injured pedestrian.  We obtained this settlement for an individual who was severely injured on a sidewalk in Philadelphia. A truck driver, making a delivery, backed up his tractor trailer without a clear view of the sidewalk or the pedestrians in the area. As a result, the driver reversed into a lamppost on the sidewalk, which fell over and struck the pedestrian on the head, knocking him to the ground and causing severe injuries.

$950,000.00 personal injury and construction accident settlement. This case was the result a tragic accident. A roofer, working in Philadelphia, was assigned a helper by the general contractor on the property. The helper failed to provide proper assistance as the roofer worked on a ladder and, as a result, the roofer fell from the ladder suffering significant injuries to his head and body.

$575,000.00 personal injury settlement with ongoing payment of worker’s compensation benefits. A pharmacy employee was injured while working with a delivery truck in the pharmacy’s parking lot, following a large snowstorm. The area where the employee worked was left unshoveled and concealed a large patch of ice, which the employee slipped on, causing serious injuries to our client.

$210,000.00 personal injury and premises liability settlement. A woman fell and fractured her hip when she slipped on a sidewalk in Philadelphia. The owners of the property failed to shovel or salt the area following a significant snowstorm and did not take any steps to ensure their tenants removed the snow and ice.