Walter Bayard

He is the best lawyer as far I am concerned. He’s fair, humble and very professional. He’s also very polite.

Debra Handwerk

I am very happy with the way Mr. Pallante handled my workers’ compensation case. He worked very throughout the case and always kept me informed. In the end, he won my case for me. Great job and great result. I would recommend Mr. Pallante to anyone.

Janira Caraballo

I wanted to thank you guys for everything that John Pallante office helped me with. I will definitely recommend anyone to your office. You guys where there when I needed help.

Edward K.

John represented me for two workers’ compensation cases for two different injuries which were years apart. After he helped me with my first case I thought of him when I got injured the second time. John has again done a great job for me by getting the benefits I need. John works hard and gets the job done. I would recommend him to anyone.

Shirley M.

I was injured at work in 1998 because of a car accident. My injuries were serious and permanent. John represented me both in the motor vehicle and worker’s compensation cases. He got me a great result in the motor vehicle case and continues to protect my worker’s compensation benefits. My employer tried to stop my benefits but John won my case for me. John has done a great job in helping me and I always refer my friends and family members to him.

Jeff R.

My name is Jeff and as a client of John Pallante, I can attest that he is a tireless advocate. He proceeded with dogged determination to obtain compensation for my injuries that I would not have received anywhere else. He is a professional and an unrelenting advocate to those who are being nickeled and dimed by insurance companies in a worker’s compensation cases. I would recommend John Pallante to anyone who needs a worker’s compensation lawyer.

Jeanetta H.

I want to let you know that you were an excellent representative for me in my worker’s compensation case. You still have the same zest, motivation, and stamina that you did when I first met you fifteen years ago. Not only have you successfully represented me in my claims, you have also assisted several of my family members and friends with the same utmost diligence. You have the experience, ambition, and passion for law that is required to fight on behalf of clients and win. I always appreciated that I received frequent correspondence from you to update me about my case. This quality is very important to me because I did not have to question the status of my legal matter. Additionally, it is clear that you work tirelessly to ensure that you achieve the best results for your clients. I personally want to thank you for all that you have done for me, my family, and friends. May you continue to receive the well-deserved recognition for your excellence in the field of law.

Thomas and Victoria L.

My name is Tom. Not long ago, I was injured on the job. I didn’t know where to turn for help until I made a phone call to Mr. Pallante’s law offices. From the first time I met John Pallante and his team of professionals, they were honest with me about my case. I was concerned about my financial security and the future security of my family. John always had my best interest in mind as we went through the process of putting the case together. He worked with my wife and I over many months to ensure our financial well-being. At the end of the case, John secured a substantial settlement, which was fair in relation to my permanent injury. John and his staff are professional at all times and they were thoroughly prepared in their representation of my case. Thank you to the Law Office of John D. Pallante.

James G.

I worked for a major international shipping company in the Philadelphia area for 9 years. John successfully represented me when my employer tried to terminate my benefits. John tirelessly and skillfully defended my case and was able to secure a substantial settlement for me. I was very nervous, but John as very confident and calmed my nerves about my case. I highly recommend The Law Offices of John D. Pallante for anyone in need of excellent representation in a workers’ compensation matter.

Curtis H.

Pallante Law has a professional team of attorneys who gave me peace of mind from the moment I was retained as a client. I am happy I chose The Law Offices of John D. Pallante to represent me in my worker’s compensation case because John is always very prepared and explains every step of the process. I would recommend John D. Pallante to anyone.

Joseph D.

Mr. Pallante represented me as my trial lawyer. He is very professional at what he does. And I would recommend him to anybody that needs a good lawyer.

Regina Monica

John and his staff are always there to help, listen, take care of any insurance company issue, etc. There is no one else we would rather have in our corner! We highly recommend John Pallante and his team! They are truly THE BEST!!!!

Law Enforcement Officer,
Marc Caroll

I found the law offices of John D. Pallante to be a voice and advocate for me as I entered the world of the unknown. It’s so important to have a strong and powerful lawyer on your side to protect your interest.

Marian Becker

We have never been disappointed in the results John has achieved for us and whole hearted recommend his services to anyone in need.

Baoting Chen

This firm offers excellent customer service and is very helpful and informative.

Isela Diaz

Through his dedication, professionalism, and knowledge of the law proved invaluable to me as I felt helpless and not able to return to work.

Muriel Mayson

John had been fighting my case to make sure that I am not a victim in this case.

Refik Akin

I would highly recommend John Pallante, Esquire as an attorney. I suffered serious
injuries when I fell from a roof while painting at work. I tried to handle the matter by myself at first. I finally decided to hire John Pallante, Esquire. He worked fast and got the insurance company to start paying me cash benefits and a cash award for back due benefits. Shortly after that he was able to set me a very large settlement. Once again, Mr. Pallante did a great job and I would highly recommend him.

Kathtyn Jenkins- Callaway

Dear John, I’m writing this letter to formally thank you for the exceeding job you and your team have done representing me. You and your team did and exceptional job on my case.
After the accident (my head hit the steering of my car after a young woman rear ended me) where I sustained head injuries I lost almost everything to include my job. As you know, I was unable to return to work due to the concussion and later a stroke. There were times I just wanted to give up. John you encouraged me to stick it out and things would work out. Thank you, for encouraging me to listen and you going above and beyond my case.
Again you and your team are Fantastic. I am and will be recommending you to everybody for everything. Thank you,Image of Kathryn Jenkins- Callaway signature