Dog Bite Lawyer in Philadelphia

There are millions of reported dog bite cases per year in the United States. The type of damages related to dog bites ranges from minimal to severe. A dog bite can be a serious issue, possibly needing extensive medical care or even surgery. Dog saliva also harbors bacteria, which means that the site of your bite can become infected, leading to additional health issues. Your recovery time is reliant on the speed and quality of the medical care you receive. If you have been bitten by a dog, it is important to get into contact with an attorney to help you review your options.

Dog Bite Law in Philadelphia

After you are bitten by a dog, there is a series of tasks you will need to complete to ensure your health and safety. First, you must ascertain the extent of the danger posed by the dog. This is important so that you may better get a handle on what to do next. Get immediate medical attention if there is any threat of rabies or contracting another disease. You will also need to make sure that the animal who committed the offense is secured, either by their owner or by animal control. From there, you will need to calculate further damages and assess your options.

You must report the dog bite within two years of the incident to have it fall within the statute of limitations. Missing this window of time means that your chances for compensation and a case have expired. It is necessary to find an attorney who can file charges and work towards getting your problems heard immediately. Otherwise, you will face expensive care and extensive recovery time without the important funds needed to help either.

Once the offense is reported the owner of the dog generally becomes responsible for the dogs actions. Whether it was in public or private, if the situation ended with an injury to you then compensation is possible. But to be sure of what it is you should do to rectify the situation it is crucial for you to get into contact with a Philadelphia lawyer who plans alongside you.

A Philadelphia Dog Bite Attorney to Represent You

Being bitten by a dog can a dangerous scenario, and you will need medical and legal help immediately. Regardless of the owner’s awareness of the situation, any injury caused by their dog may make them liable for damages. Do not let dog bite-related medical bills stack up due to the negligence of others. Hire the attorneys who will settle the case and work towards a solution for you.

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