Immigration and Injury. Protecting Your Rights In An Uncertain Time

It is now clear that the current administration has prioritized deporting criminal aliens from this country and is committed to putting a lot of people and resources behind this goal. Unfortunately, individuals without any criminal background are getting swept up in this process too. In at least one case, the administration deported a “dreamer,” an individual who was authorized to stay in this country under DACA. This change in direction by the current administration is causing both fear and anxiety in our immigrant communities, and there is a concern that immigrants will forego pursuing their rights when they are injured due to fear of deportation.

Given this atmosphere, it is important to keep a couple things in mind. First, every individual in this country has the right to seek compensation for an injury in our legal system, regardless of their immigration status. Second, the current administration has not shown any interest in using our civil courts to seek out unauthorized aliens. If you are injured, call an attorney, we can help you.

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