John D. Pallante

Image of John D. PallenteJohn D. Pallante graduated Law School in 1991 and immediately began practicing in the area of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law. Initially, John D. Pallante represented insurance companies and worked in a large law firm until he opened the Law Offices of John D. Pallante in 1997. Since 1997, he has represented injured workers throughout Pennsylvania. His initial experience representing insurance companies and employer’s provided him with an invaluable perspective that has helped him in representing injured workers with excellent results over the years.

Gradually, the Law Office of John D. Pallante expanded by hiring additional attorneys and adding practice areas to include other areas of personal injury. In addition to workers’ compensation matters our firm handles auto accident cases, premises liability cases and product liability matters. Frequently, the personal injury matters we handle have both a workers’ compensation element and a personal injury element. The attorneys at the Law Office of John Pallante understand the interplay between the related causes of action. We believe this understanding and experience adds value to our clients’ In addition to workers’ compensation and personal injury matters.

We take pride in giving every client and every case personal attention. We get to know our clients and focus on details. This attention to detail often means the difference between average representation some of the “brand­name” firms offer and the excellent representation we offer.

If you have any questions regarding any of our practice areas, please give us a call at 215­-985-­0976.

Citation from the Council of City of Philadelphia

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