Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Over the years, our Personal injury Attorney in Philadelphia have successfully recovered money damages for automobile accident victims, construction workers, factory workers, and many other types of seriously injured people through a type of legal action commonly called a Personal Injury case.

A “personal injury” case is actually just a generic label that involves a huge variety of more specific types of cases. In general, all types of personal injury cases involve an area of law called “torts.” It essentially involves any situation in which someone suffers serious physical or emotional injuries, or dies, from the negligent conduct of another. In order for you to recover money damages for personal injuries caused by another’s negligence, your attorney must prove, at a minimum, the following basic elements:

  1. a defendant owed you some duty;
  2. the defendant failed to meet the duty;
  3. that failure caused injuries to you; and
  4. your damages are measurable.

Though these types of cases often seem obvious or simple to everyone but lawyers, serious personal injuries cases are rarely either. Every case is fact specific, and the peculiar facts of each case invariably gives rise to innumerable subtle complexities in the applicable substantive law. Our experience with the complicated issues associated with serious personal injury cases is both deep and broad.

2.75 Million Settlement for Injured Pedestrian