Workers Compensation

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act protects any individual injured at work, regardless of immigration status. Generally, an injured worker is entitled to wage loss and medical treatment for his or her work related injury. An unauthorized alien is always entitled to medical treatment for a work injury without any limitation. However, recovering wage loss benefits  … Read more

Workers’ Compensation: An Employer’s Subrogation Rights Within The Context Of A Third Party Settlement

In workers’ compensation cases an injured employee will frequently have a cause of action not only against his employer but also against the third party tortfeasor who contributed to his work injury. If an employee receives a settlement from the third party tortfeasor the employer is entitled to pursue it’s subrogation rights against the employee’s  … Read more

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Under The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act

The benefits provided to employees under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act (hereinafter “Act”) are not limited solely to Pennsylvania employees who suffer work related injuries while working within the Commonwealth. Under certain circumstances, the extraterritorial provisions of the Act will extend coverage to those employees who sustain work related injuries outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  … Read more